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Financial statements facilitate the communication between corporations and various stakeholders. The integrity, stability and transparency of such communication help preserving Hong Kong as a top global financial centre. To many laypersons, looking through financial statements can be like reading novels in a foreign language, with a sea of jargon obscuring the statements' true meaning. Financial Analysis in Hong Kong (2nd Edition) is a product of experience, feedback and chapter review as well as an update of the changes in practices, guidelines, standards and legislations since its 1st edition in 2008. This 2nd edition provides a clear, concise reference for analysing corporations' financial statements. Based on a thorough examination of published financials, this book is a convenient standalone guide for both novices and financial professionals in the boardroom and beyond.

Financial Analysis in Hong Kong
Qualitative Examination of Financial Statements 
for CEOs and Board Members
First and Second Editions