ISBN: 9789628972760

Listed Price: HKD 850

Forensic Accountancy 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive insight into many principles and practices in the forensic field and demonstrates how accountants and financial professionals should do their jobs when acting as experts, advisors or investigators in disputes, fraud investigations or legal proceedings. This book has been written in concise English, without the unnecessary use of jargon, catering for the needs of those untrained in the subject and bridging the gap between the legal aspects and the accounting/ financial aspects of litigations. Litigators, regulators, surveyors, contractors, reporters and loss adjustors will find this book as an avenue to the unseen world of accountancy revealing the untold truth and evidence behind the numbers and flows of funds/transactions. The addition of two completely new chapters to the hugely successful first edition sets a benchmark for those in this niche profession and aims to form a blueprint for mandatory standards in the near future.

First and Second EditionsForensic Accountancy